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Mainline Executive Coaching ACT

Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey

Steam Locomotives were some of the most powerful machines ever built. They represent vision, ingenuity, collaboration, and extraordinary human achievement. However, to get to the next destination, they had to be directed to the mainline. This required someone directing the train through a series of switches to reach the right destination. Just like these amazing machines, leaders and organizations alike need the right direction to reach their destinations. Intelligent Leadership is the key to success and cultural transformation. With over 50 years of combined success in executive leadership, cultural transformation, and executive and emerging leader development, Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey bring to light some of the most pressing issues facing leaders and organizations today. Hand picked and trained by the world’s top leadership development authority, John Mattone, we will partner with you to improve your leadership ability and cultural transformation in ways you never thought possible. Email: or Website: Leave us a comment and if we like what we hear, we will play it live for our listeners:
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