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Harnassing the Power of Your Inner Core

December 22, 2022 Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey Episode 164
Mainline Executive Coaching ACT
Harnassing the Power of Your Inner Core
Show Notes

We have been talking about an assessment that we have that can be life changing. On this episode we will talk about the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) that over 12,000 global leaders have used to start their own personal leadership journey with. Some of those leaders include Steve Jobs, Roger Enrico of Pepsico, and Bill Logue of Fed Ex. All of whom used ILEC's methods to improve their leadership skills.
Our guest today is Mark Dayton. Mark is currently the CMO for his organization, but is also an Entrpreneur, Author, Executive Mentor and has served in several Executive and C-Suite positions. Mark is going to discuss his experience with the MLEI with Rich and Maikel. Join us on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT

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