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The One Trick Pony

January 18, 2023 Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey Episode 172
Mainline Executive Coaching ACT
The One Trick Pony
Show Notes

Have you ever heard the expression,  "The One Trick Pony?" What that means is someone that is only good at doing one thing, or having one skill set. The term "one-trick pony" comes from the circus. A circus pony that can only do one trick is not going to entertain a crowd for very long. The same is true in leadership. Leaders with only one style of leadership, which usually is, "do what I tell you to do," are not going to last long, lead their organization to success, inspire their teams, or build company culture. Surveys show that only 25% of global leaders have more than one leadership style to call upon. This leaves 75% of leaders that may be trying to survive on one type of leadership style. Is one style good enough for you or are you ready to step it up?
Rich and Maikel unpack the troubles around the one trick pony in today's business world on this episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.

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